Flirtin’ with Me (Decade Switch Mix ) by Melanie Dekker


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Flirtin (What are you doin’ flirtin with me)

Melanie Dekker / David Charles Pickell

What are you doing flirtin with me, you were the one who said you want to be free

I don’t want to play games with you, I’m just getting used to, being without you

Now you’re showing up ’n being all sexy, talkin’ like you want to be with me

You aught to know what you’re putting me through, so what are you doing ?

You should not be here, acting like you are

Calling me baby and holding out your arms

Let me remind you, what we agreed to do

You would not see me, and I would not see you

so, take two steps back now,

You know you’re coming way too close

Just makes it harder, letting you go

I’m okay now with our goodbye, 

And I cant have you, wasting my precious time


It was no secret, you meant the world to me

But I cant go back now to how it used to be

I’ve come a long way through empty days and sleepless nights

I don’t need you in my life

I know you so well, you’re just thinking about yourself

Save up that sweet talk for somebody else

Cause I’m okay now with our goodbye

No use thinking, I’ll be changing my mind


You’re flirtin’…and it’s workin…




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