Tour Puzzle – The devil is in the details, so the astonishing discipline, unmissable building blocks, and slick coordination efforts that all have to fit together behind the scenes before your ultimate band is unleashed on to the stage is remarkably immeasurable!

This is a puzzle made from a post concert photograph. Puzzle & Photo by Renato Brosowsky


If you’re a venue, you must choose carefully, with budget, audience, goals, capacity, equipment, social media, paperwork, volunteers, all maintenance, website, equipment, personnel, food & drinks, lighting, promotions, contracts, laws… all front of mind. While you stay clever, sane, and kind. While you stay productive, inspired, and motivated.

Who do you want to attract and what would you like to present to your community? What would you like to offer with the concert, and how will your guests find out about the next show that you’ve planned? Which calls will you return, which emails will you answer and how can you better streamline that mad process in future? How far ahead can you plan so you get the music and shows that suit your team and venue best? How can you work together with the artist before they arrive?

If there’s no venue, there’s no music and if there’s no music there’s no “life”.


The songs, the merch, gear, the vehicle, the flights, hotels, posters, the musicians, the personalities, the contracts, the changes, the emails, maps, gadgets, health, the PR, the social media, tech riders, allergies, rehearsals, interviews, co-ordination of facebook events, planning planning planning… It’s nuts! Oh yeah…the music. None of it possible without passion and appreciation, and all of it pointless without the songs I need to share through a solid performance, and indeed empty without the friends who smile with me or help sell t-shirts and a good time along the way. A sense of direction is key. Things we think about before we hit the road includes a full load of ‘everything’ matters and hours of things you can’t calculate. It’s worth it, because it’s fun to feel crazy and free and intense and elevated all at once. When I’m singing for a full house…nothing else matters it’s exhilarating and defies gravity.

Thank you for bringing the music I make into your concert space. You have my heart ❤️ . And your ticket has more value that can be measured by philosophers, organizers, or even Einstein himself.

FANS Join the Tour: Tour Dates for 2024 almost all arranged. check out: Facebook & Bands in Town.

VENUES add to the “Go Getter Tour”: We have some limited and exclusive possibilities for 2024 and more for 2025. Request soon!

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