The Making of Melanie Dekker’s Christmas Album – ‘THE NEW OLD FASHIONED WAY’

This is a sneak preview showing the making of Melanie Dekker’s Christmas album 2020

The Christmas spirit sprung out of the talented musicians who appear in this video. As a result of over 400 years of combined musical experience, an excellent team, and the fun of being dressed up for Christmas on Halloween, we were able to record this album in one miraculous, gold dusted afternoon.

Who is in the video & Where is this?

With fervent enthusiasm I’d like to introduce the beautiful talented souls who made magic at this spirited session:

Award winning legendary horn player, Tom Keenlyside. Spirited & renown drummer, Pat Steward. Multi-talented with an eyebrow raising wow factor BG singer, Jay Riehl, Slide Guitarist & Rock ‘n rockabilly style guitarist, Eric Reed. Engineer and mastering master, David Jewer. Canadian producer & multi-instrumentalist, Allan Rodger. Oh, and…me!

Airborne Studios in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, was the right place to record this ‘NEW OLD FASHIONED WAY’ record. (Not just a Covid careful environment but for other feel good reasons as well). There was no rehearsal, and the bed-tracks (drums, bass, guitar, piano) were all recorded at once (50’s style).

Happy Pants

You can’t say you didn’t notice them! Locally (N.Vancouver) hand-made by Einai designs. Enhance your new home-office and the spirit of the season. GET A PAIR!

Where to get the album – THE NEW OLD FASHIONED WAY – A 50’s Rock Inspired Christmas Kitchen Party

While the THE NEW OLD FASHIONED WAY is available on November 27, 2020, on all digital formats, you could also arrange a special home-made physical copy by writing a nice note to: explaining that you must a copy on your favourite physical format (CD’s, LP’s. other?),

Wether you’re having a Christmas Party for one or more, it’s good the raise the ‘feel good’ bar, so I’ve made this feel-good album available for you everywhere and at anytime. It will be available very soon on itunes, & amazon, and spotify and all other download possibilities! When Christmas is over, don’t be sad, as we have other albums and merchandise to keep you company at the website store.

What’s on the album

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (Steve Nelson & Walter E. Rollins), Winter Wonderland (Felix Bernard & Richard B. Smith), Jingle Bell Rock (Joseph Carleton Beal & James Ross Boothe), Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Fred Coots & Haven Gillespie), For Christmas (Melanie Dekker), A Holly Jolly Christmas (Johnny Marks), Blue Christmas (Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson), Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne), Here Comes Santa Claus  (Gene Autry & Oakley Haldeman).

Yes – We would love to play your Christmas party

We do spectacular virtual concerts concerts with 3 dynamic cameras. Get a quote for a virtual show here: We’d like to do real, “I can touch you” concerts as soon as Covid rules & restrictions allow! Get a quote for a future concert here:

More Christmas Videos

Christmas themed videos are as scarce as hen’s teeth, but not here! Melanie has three more.

Christmas in Afghanistan,

For Christmas (2017 single),

A tour of Vancouver at Christmas.

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One thought on “The Making of Melanie Dekker’s Christmas Album – ‘THE NEW OLD FASHIONED WAY’

  1. This needs to be shared with the world! Makes me feel so incredibly joyful and lightens a time that is full of challenges for many. Thank you to this musical team for bringing the Christmas spirit into my home and Community I will share it with.

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