Inspiring Guitar Picks! (Song title & Plectrums)


11 Guitar Picks – each with it’s own inspiring phrase

$6.00 CAN + 7% PST = $6.42


SALE – No shipping costs for BC Locals (Oct 6 – Dec 1, 2021)

Inspiring Guitar Picks Package

10 picks with the inspiring titles of Melanie’s songs.

PLUS! 1 extra special edition commemorative pick (Canada’s 150th birthday) for free.

11 picks total.

Double-sided artwork. One side has embedded Melanie’s silhouette (shadow) playing her guitar, and the other, one of the following phrases:

Distant Star, Meant to Be, Lekker eh, Worry Gets You Nowhere, Ginned up, Here & Now, Wouldn’t it be nice, Hippie, Same ol’ Story, ‘Til the wind stops blown’.

Get out and play more with these special picks. For instance, try out some fun improvisation with your new picks.

D’Addario special edition series made for Melanie Dekker. Their picks are reliable and provide a natural, warm tone. They’re perfect for experienced players with a variety of styles, or even a beginner trying out their first set of picks.

Above all, the picks are fantastic for strumming rhythmic chord progressions. They help in playing melodies and to keep your hands happy during improvisation. The medium gage design allows for enough flexibility for good rhythms, but also has enough stiffness for comfort.

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