Handmade ‘feel good’ 1920’s Style (almost) Wood Signs



Handmade ‘feel good’ 1920’s Style Wood-like Signs

Hand-cut from laminate flooring, drilled, designed, painted & then…lacquered. Prepared for indoors or outdoors.

These decorative signs are sweet & sassy, and will likely help to remind you to keep on having ‘more’ fun.

A perfect add, decoration, and souvenir to your Gatsby party!

Size: 6”x10” / 17cm x 29cm

Expressions to get you in the Barnstormer mood!

*Giggle water please *Walk right in *Now you’re on the trolly I’m zozzled *Wild women don’t get the blues *I’m on a toot don’t be a wurp *sexy is as sexy does *I’d rather be making whoopee *Worry gets you nowhere *Be the good time *Made of wit & wild deeds… or request your own.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 1 cm


  1. Terry Cochrane

    Absolutely love my 2 signs. Focal point in my window view to downtown Vancouver. Love the Barnstormer name and the slogans I chose. Melanie ROCKS as do my signs.

  2. Ines Popowski

    I got my sign as a Christmas Present. I love the combination of the chosen happy colors, the little details and the good choice in general for the slogans. It’s created and produced with much love and quality. It’s now an eye catcher in my reading corner and reminds me that our world is so colorful. You’ve done a great creative job. I love handmade things. They are created with love. Thx a lot for your handcraft.

  3. Heike Engel

    We received 6 signs, each of them with a perfect slogan for a special person or place. We kept 3 of them at our home and really, really love them! They are wonderful pieces. Handcrafted, with beautiful colours; and definitely made with a lot of love by Melanie herself. Three of the six signs we gave as gifts to loved ones, which made them so happy!!! Best Christmas gifts we ever had! Thank you so much Melanie, for your wonderful work!!

  4. Hans Kraus

    I got a Barnstormer sign as surprise Christmas gift 🎁 ! The parcel was sent by Heike and Rolf… and inside I found the wonderful sign which now has a special place in my living room. Which means, it’s with me most of the time! The slogan and the details are made in a very creative special manner, clearly made by a very creative woman ❤️ . Thank you 😊 !

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