Wed Feb 22 Tonstudio Altenberge DE – The first time I have done a live video web stream of a full concert. At that time it looked like our newest band member, Allan Roder, was perceived as a shy guy quietly sitting at the piano- first impressions can be far from accurate! Fun to hear from fans writing in from the USA Canada and all over, during my interview. There was a huge Scorpions band exhibit on the 2nd floor, which included a photo of the original lead singer Klaus Meine attached to his vocal chord electrical healing machine as he lost his voice so badly in 1981 that he could not even speak and needed two vocal chord surgeries and years to recover. It reminded me to be extra careful on this very long tour (this was concert #1 of 55)

Fri Feb 24 Altes Rathaus Hattingen DE – Funny dinner with our amazing multi-talented Sound tech named Frank who is a professional Magic man & Clown Frank, Tricks at the dinner table. Trouble Angie and her Mama came to the show (they’ve been coming since 2003 and Angie is the best English to German translator!!)

Sat Feb 25 KZ Ofenerdiek Oldenburg DE -big and kind of empty feeling. We had radio support and bread cheese and cold cuts for dinner

Sun Feb 26 Alter Bahnhof Trittau DE -It was smokey due to the other half of the bar leaking in smoke. Stef was told by an adamant fan to smile more.

Mon Feb 27 Café Instinkt Skt Peter-Ording DE -big walk on the stunning beaches. Windy and Cold. Bought Stef Rapp and super furry Russian looking toque. Played to a full house. Longest and most detailed introduction on tour (who mentioned that its hard to find anything about Stef on line). Allan forgot his purple shirt in the hotel…it was sent to us later on tour!

Wed Feb 29 Rathaus Stuhr Stuhr DE –Feb 29th doesn’t happen very often and a concert this good, felt so so good. Happy to do it all again in 4 years! The concert is advertised in Bremen and on Radio Bremen. They needed lots of extra posters and it looked like this had a fantastic effect. Got lost -wrong split in the road walking…so we worked off some of the bread and cheese and baked items that we eat lots of in Germany.The most Cds sold at one concert on this tour. As we were packing the tour car a crazed and perhaps slightly drunk fan almost ran me over while scooting away carelessly out of the parking lot! Counting my blessings…

Thu Mar 1 Happy Billiard Hamburg DE -Yup there’s pool tables & dart boards but no one plays while the show is on. Steven a faithful fan/friend brought his country singer Mom to the show. I liked that. We played foosball that required 6 people!

Fri Mar 2 Kulturfabrik Haldensleben DE I felt more comfortable on the piano than I have ever felt. -Allan secretly fell in love with Janina the booker…it appears that most would! Stefan Rapp didn’t like being on the ‘other side’ of the stage. Andreas Buder came to visit and our hotel was an old renovated hotel from the early 1900‘s. I learned a little about Whisky from the hotel owner who has published a book on it and took us on a little Whisky ‘tour’.

Sat Mar 3 Bordesholm Bordesholm DE -Laughing fit on stage that left me unable to sing and put tears on my cheeks. Stefand Rapp ‘accidentally’ drank the bottle of wine gift that was given to me. The show was sold out…waited years to get to play here. Everything worked out super cool and Renato visited us in the back room and took heaps of pictures (he heavily helped to promote this show!)

Sun Mar 4 Kulturwerkstatt Buer DE –We had to call the hotel upon arrival. We were the first guests of the day, or perhaps at all. This is a cool place to play, with big wooden beams and a nondescript and almost hidden exterior. I tend to be tired on Sundays, but it felt so good in there anyway. It’s the kind of place I would like going to for live music. The band room / backstage is above the stage and in high-heels this windy staircase is a challenge in the dark.

Mon Mar 5 Herzog Ernst Celle DE -For our 2nd half I put on a dress from the shop next door. This was the tightest / smallest fitting dress I have ever had on. I found it hard to breath (necessary for singing!) on stage! Especially after the home cooked killer meal we were served before playing. The stage faces the wall…this wasn’t my first time here, and my favorite mandolin player came to join (he wears Dutch wooden clogs!) Many people had mobile phones they were using to capture part of our show. And Kai is my favourite sound tech. I hope to do a real recording with him some day! Well, even though its a crazy bar…it’s a great music vibe. And I see that although we were crowded with 3 and 4 on the stage. They get 8 piece bands in here too!

Wed Mar 7 Burgerweeshuis Deventer NL – Isaac’s friends and family come and so do mine (Sweitsers). A total thrill for me. And Karen, whose voice is strong and crystal clear, comes and sings “Angel” by Sarah McGlaughlin.

Thu Mar 8 Harmonie Bonn DE -Bonn is cool and edgy and I really liked our show here. The sound-tech was a 10/10 and our back-room had a feel good vibe and an iron and a shower. IN a rock club like this it was surprising to have people eat a rather delicious meal for the first part of our show! Funny to smell food when you don’t expect it.

Fri Mar 9 Aatalhaus Bad Wünnenberg DE -Ever have the GPS lead you down a road that is only meant for pedestrians. This kultur-like haus was poorly marked. We could ‘walk to it’ but couldn’t figure out how to get the car there…That took over my much wanted nap time. The concert was sold out weeks before and we were gifted bottles of Schnapps. Only one bottle made it home. And this show Allan’s enthusiasm on stage sent his mic stand and microphone flying into the audience… Tina and Andy where there. And thought people don’t smoke indoors at our concerts nor in most venues anymore…we noticed a lot smoked at our half time pause.

Sat Mar 10 Kulturwerk Nienburg Nienburg DE – Petra the organizer is both sweet and super detailed. The concert was pro and because of the ideal environment we started to take more liberties musically. Visselhovede and Lauenau are nearby and I have loved playing this area! Stef Rapp had to leave the tour the next day, back to Fulda, for very dedicated music student arrangements.

Sun Mar 11 Cultureel Café Amer Amen NL – Had to rent out the place to do this show. As a duo Allan and I played this afternoon show…which was all about the music and the sale of meatballs! We had to do three sets and many of the instruments hanging on the wall or leaning against the stage were spontaneously played by Allan. Lots of photos were taken….made me realize that I dressed a little too casual. We stopped by Cafe T’Keerpunt in Spijkerboor on our way to our Roots on the Road home and I saw a gorgeous hard cover history book with me and my band in it!

Tue Mar 13 Akademie-afip Offenbach DE – Sven has lost his man purse on the train (it ends up getting recovered by having many people in many towns connect the dots of where the train might stop and when …and have someone run in to find the bag!!) We do our first show with Sven and I just love how in tune to the scene and the music he is (despite of the stress of his journey and missing ipad). The labels on the beers have are the concert poster. Cool place. My main stage light was a light with streams of paper mache coming from it. We discussed the extinction of todays lightbulb and I got a momento created about that.

Wed Mar 14 Uhlenspiegel Rutesheim DE – Hans Kraus, Bomi, and Johannes Koch had dinner with us in the venue. So much food! A friend of Hans joined him -Eberhard (feel good night). The band walked on top of the trees with climbing ropes, ladders and pulleys the next morning. We make up a song on stage…on the spot. It’s call “Rutesheim”. What a great name to sing! Loved it. Wish it was recorded – a one off.

Thu Mar 15 Hard Rock Café Munich DE -On our way there via Ulm, we stopped at our friend and fan Thomas Fuch’s office and played a private surprise mini show for him and his work colleagues! The HRC: High compliments. This stage and sound were great and it was crowded. Thomas Fuchs, Bomi and my dear friend Eileen from Vancouver (who has fallen in love this a gorgeous German man!) joined too! There was an altercation at the bar right before we get paid. And within 15 seconds there were 17 police in the bar!

Fri Mar 16 Wodan Halle Freiburg DE -always a good time & a great city. I told the story of how i stood on one end of a pick nick table last year and it was like a sudden uneven teeter-totter, with no on on the other end I went flying onto my ass. A great fan brings me photos from last years show here. Renato sends in a package with goodies and a fun mixed video is posted on youtube!

Sat Mar 17 Kesselhaus Weil am Rhein DE -We walked to 3 countries in a few hours. The boys jammed with the shop owner of the coolest 2nd hand store ever! Found a Shopping outlet where Allan scored.

Sun Mar 19 Cafe ONO Bern CH -Ron Putzi’s mom came, promoter didn’t show and didn’t ‘do’, did our own sound. Cute cellar door on an angel as the front door (common in Bern) We dragged suitcases into WC to change, and walked around in the rain. Most expensive parking thus far. Cafe “Oh No!”

Tue Mar 20 Kreuz Obermarchtal Obermarchtal DE -back to the 70’s , beams and long haired hippies. We were in a traffic jam for 4 hours. Lorries had crashed into each other on the autobahn, So Fuchs came to the rescue and picked up Mr.Mann from near Stuttgart. Fuchs joined us on stage, as well as a sweet uprigth bass player named Gerd Meyer…and for a Tuesday, we rocked it! This is the show where Sven Rowolt met J.Mann for the first time. Stefan Bungartz comes to takes photos-so cool to see him and his shots!

Thu Mar 22 Bärechäller Aarburg CH -Internet rigged up in the car by Baby Sven (his new nick name sticks) As we were parked and about to cross the German / Swiss border the windshield cracked, Allan played bartender…discovering but one good Swiss Whisky. It wasn’t much of a hotel, but via internet we watched the Canucks play at 4am. A geo-cash found right in front of the door, hard boiled eggs were not included w/breakfast. I ‘fought’ a parking ticket and won.:) My German must be coming along somewhat.

Fri Mar 23 Alti Moschti Mühlethurnen CH – A sound tech w/ a new board (it was still in an experimental phase and our sound check was both screechy and took a long time), my posters in the back room (disappointing to see the wasted unused promotion). Went on a huge hike with Allan near the edges of ski resorts, we saw a deer and lots of land for grazing cows. I played my banjo in the sun…on a park bench. Mr.Mann sleep walks naked and ends up in Allan’s room!

Sat Mar 24 Sous Sol Fribourg CH -Karl and Sean-Christian so slick, John Mann opens his guitar case to find his broken guitar and then later while dancing up a storm breaks his nose. We all dance. It’s good to see a Vancouver connection Ted Byrne whose photos and videos are a great memory for us.
AER Amps were tested at their loudest; and once again prove to be amazing. Allan ‘reconfigured their high-end soundboard’.

Sun Mar 25 Hotel Murten Murten CH -Fancy old town with little house shapes on top of each chimney. Impressive old city wall and lots of icecream on the lake boardwalks. A stellar dinner candlelight with crew and staff was served back stage. 6 stars. made up a song in front of the kitchen staff the hook was ‘MMMMM…MAH!” Walk around with Mel and Fuchs to find no posters or cards anywhere in town…we painted it with md stuff and ate ice cream (what we do here on Sundays!).

Tue Mar 27 Komma Wörgl AT – good fella sound tech. zpifer licking crack beer, ‘i said i’ post gig, Karl schnapps, j Mann drove that night

Thu Mar 29 Blue Garage Frauental/Steiermark AT – Allan fixed cables in the little sound tech booth, the bar was made out of a giant custom made anvil cases, and bottles of kölsch were gobbled up (private beer). The show was recorded and it’s a good ‘homework’ video to study. Sound and camera work not releasable. OH! We got home made dessert from ‘Oma’. LOVE:)

Fri Mar 30 Bachschmiede Salzburg Wals AT – There was cat behind the stage (not the first time we’ve run into this!). Loved the hotel room, which made us feel like royalty. The doubting promoter turned around to love us at the end. We hope to be back here soon! We also loved visiting Salzburg…need more time in this spectacular feel good city!

Sat Mar 31 Musikcafe Zugspitzsaal Ehrwald AT – Stunning view. loud audience. Thomas Fuchs got on stage and it was fun to hear the two keyboardists work it all out! EPIC hike with Fuchs and his Dad, who played the accordion at the top at the Ski Hutte.

Tue Apr 3 Café Spielplatz Schwabisch Gmünd DE – Good slogan at the hotel beer garden (Save the earth – it´s the only planet with beer). We wonder if Harald wears eye make up, and we feel proud to play the concert that he’s organized. We park on the cobblestone pedestrian street outside the venue and there is a a memorable blond hair beauty behind bar. I threw Beer over my hair as part of the show. It was Fuch’s bday, and Nicole and Bomi (who have seen more than 15 shows each) came to hear us again too! I did a big radio interview with fantastic questions- by Andreas Höll and got lots of pre and post show press. Super sold out show…the fans were squeezed in. It hasn’t happened in years but….but guess what: We did not get paid as per contract. Don’t go here, play here or drink here. Ironically still one of our favourite shows of the tour.

Wed Apr 4 Alte Piesel Fulda DE – a chill out session at the hotel bar. Packing to go home. Being filmed by Sven’s friends: see video:, there were Kangaroo’s on stage. A great guy and music fan and friend cam to see us- Thomas PF! Hans Kraus who has seen over 40 of my concerts said: “Mela and the band at it´s best – super shots!” Roland Omert (A great friend from the Hi Fi Gärber shop) and Gonzo (cool fan who used to write me physical handwritten letters!) came too!

Fri Apr 20 Sous Sol Fribourg CH -solo mission for Mel. Radio interview at Radio Fribourg. A local band played before I did. Line up out the door at midnight. Fans and friends (tall ones!) of Ron Putzi came; a famous basketball player who lived and played out of Fribourg a few years back, who I know very very well. 🙂

Sat Apr 21 Landhaus Jenaz CH -solo mission Mel. First a radio interview in Chur at Radio Grishia (and a sticker added to my guitar!) Saw Putz castle- which may have its roots in the Putzi family…that’s hot…no room for me yet though, it’s under construction . Got hugged when I entered the hotel and venue. Fuchs and Putzi surprised me and did sound…while I slept upstairs. That was better than the dream that I had!! It was a spectacular healthy and hearty dinner and we seemed to have found a wine that will be hunted down for future occasions. Local men and women yodeled and sang traditions songs at a big table after my show. Wow…my turn to be a fan! Saw a country fair with farmers leading their herds of goats around and cattle winning prizes to being ‘pretty’. Since this day…I am going to try to stop eating red meat, the cows eyes spoke to me (already don’t eat/like pork).

Wed May 2 Medborgerhuset Them DK -LeeAnne Reed (a close girlfriend from Kamloops BC) and my booking agent Kevin Kennedy on board. Super scenic and sold out. Awesome Dessert, like that of a cream puff but fluffier and less sweet! I have visited a lot of bakeries and hadn’t seen this apparently ‘very Danish” specialty yet!

Thu May 3 Portalen Greve DK -First Edwin McCain concert. Disappointing Low attendance. Nanna Larsen came-so sweet! One of our warmest and most welcoming days on tour. A great walk along Greve Strand…sandbar walking too. Shoes off! (You can see Copenhagen in the distance!) Kevin turns around early. Indeed the sun hit him harder.

Fri May 4 Stars Vordingborg DK -cute venue and the highest end of PA and options for many types of concerts. ‘versMel’ is mistaken for “hello’ by Edwin/Kevin which came for my fan Renato.

Sat May 5 Det Bruunske Pakhus Fredrecia DK -bike Ride with Allan…25km? Indian food. Different hotel than Edwin. Friendly giant of a sound tech name MOJO. Suited him perfectly! We ate a Great Italian Restaurant before concert, fun to eat together with both bands. Edwin is so great at accents that it makes all of his touring stories untouchable. Kevin has a chat with Mel, the topic: “Don’t get reeled in”.

Wed May 9 Posten Odense DK -Mel lost leopard print bra in hotel room…and the hotel reports it’s still not found. Beer Keg/Draft Carlsberg was in the hallway between dressing /green rooms. Endless supply. Really nice touch though not many beer drinkers in this gang…there was indeed ore burping on stage the normal.

Thu May 10 Fermaten Herning DK -Cold wet rainy outside. Mel and Allan both had an enjoyable clothing shopping spree. Had to move hotels as plan A was unexpectedly booked. The band raved about the Chicken. Melanie ate a big slab of butter thinking that it was cheese. First rate lights at the Fermaten. Chris Poulson from Thisted (the booked from an up coming venue) showed up and said he came to make sure Melanie was still in good shape!! 🙂

Fri May 11 Industrian Aarup DK –Something about this crowd was ‘kind and cool’. There were some fun pictures taken after show..Back in the Hotel we hung out in a meeting area between hallways where we took our late night snacks given to us by the venue and visited with those who would join us. Super fun, including a Danish couple whose husband says ‘you are much prettier than my wife’..note…wife is right next to him.

Sat May 12 Kultursal Augustenburg DK – A very scenic sweet town with our hotel balconies almost touching the water. Nice sound tech accidentally blasted the feedback on stage, one of the few nights Mel & Allan didn’t wear their earplugs in sound check (Murphy’s law!)…Local Young girl gave a high school type piano and voice cover tunes as the opener- she was so sweet but shy on stage and lost her voice. Soccer Locker room as the green room. Allan’s Shirt stain became part of the stage banter, as the staff were washing it back stage during our show!

Sun May 13-16 Dubliner Copenhagen DK – taking a bike with a buggy to the Dubliner. Allan on the bike. Mel and the guitars and gear in the buggy. Menstruation cramps that could kill someone…but the show must go on. No internet for days. Lots of shots on my video camera for these days. We use to book our room. It’s a good deal…but the ad “Super Nice Room” is a little deceiving. We gladly move to Nanna Larsen’s house where we can take the train to the center of the city in minutes and where her warm voice, new blowup mattresses and guinea pigs make us feel like we live the best life ever.

Thu May 17 Plantagehuset Thisted DK -The drive is so scenic and simply spectacular. Swans and wind turbines take up much of the view. My third show here and it’s a hippie land of sorts. The hotel we were booked to stay at no longer allows musicians to stay because the last bunch smoked in her non smoking rooms. Now that we are ‘all’ not trustworthy…we were moved to a hotel up the road. This hotel used to be an old army barrock. Good view of the water anyway! We got to do a double concert with a great soft pop band called Kristian Lilholt. I really like Ida’s voice.

Fri May 18 Ebeltoft Kulturhus Ebeltoft DK -My favorite Danish people came along to this show and Allan found the drum kit of his dreams (1951 Red Ludwigs) in the back room. The Next day we tuned a friends drums and had a really cozy (hyggelig) lunch. Allan revealed his passion for captains of ships.

Wed May 23 Hard Rock Caf Berlin DE – Hans Kraus and Irene Dekker are along. The sound check is a line check and still the most monster Veggie burger. No time spent in the city. We got rockstar parking by fluke. My Mom has come in from Canada to join us for 4 days before her onward journey to visit our family in The Netherlands.

Thu May 24 See Hotel Neurrupin DE -Andreas Buder and Hans Kraus and Irene Dekker. We let loose our sound tech as it’s easy to run it from the stage. Candles everywhere, even on each stair case. Lots of photos begin taken, but it was a low sexy light night (not favorable for photographers I am sure). Swam naked, went for an epic bike ride with friends. “MELANIE” the rollerskate song lady from the 70’s was also performing in town.

Fri May 25 Trittau Alte Bahnhof Alte Bahnhof -a gift of Ballantines Whisky comes for Allan from our Elephant Ears Ent. newest team member, Renato. (‘allan’s name is in the label-and a clever card makes us laugh and appreciate anything we may have forgotten too along the way) Musically it is a really ‘off’ night. Yikes. But we have fun. Great press and good feeling all around. Loud P.A. for a small place. Long weekend, and a warm day…so numbers could have been low. But it was packed and we saw way more folks that we thought we would. A man wanted to show me a video he had made of his band played “Until the Wind stops Blowing in Denmark” at his wedding…I missed being able to see this in all the on and off stage commotion! Thank you and sorry I didn’t see it!

Sat May 26 Sjald 60th party DK – people sang along to DENMARK song (Until the Wind Stops Blowing) like it was an old favourite like Van Morrisson’s BROWN-EYED GIRL. That felt awesome. My name (as one of the band for the festival) was on the bright blue t-shirt. We had other musicians join us on stage. We booted out of there to get to Hamburg to Sancho’s place which is like a 2nd home…we drank tea and did the unthinkable, talked about politics and alternative medicine with Dr. Sancho Panzer. Loved it. Short sleep! Returned the AER amps – bass amp and acoustic guitar amp) the next day to Andy. We raved about them again.

Homeward bound…for my birthday, but first a stop an the African Festival in Würzburg. Glorious life, glorious tour. THANK YOU!!!

The musicians on board with me:

Allan Rodger (bass / piano) : Versatile, vivacious, clever, easy to please and multi-talented. In Vancouver in his renown studio and live on stage with his favourite bands he plays a mean guitar and is a wicked drummer as well. He rocks. He says he makes a terrible passenger so he prefers to drive. We call him Captain, and man can this boy take charge. He receives Nivea coated hand job messages from the shotgun passenger beside him, along with not so fabulous endless amounts of highway coffee for his very skillful and careful driving journeys. He has given Miss Dekker a better understanding of sound technical terms, and a few lessons on the various flavours of Whisky.

Stefan Rapp (electric guitar): A tall majestic oak tree on stage who has many colours in his playing…like that of fall leaves dancing in the wind. He uses mostly his tube overdrive pedal, his digital delay and his volume knob to create the gorgeous swells and thick moody parts. He reads a book every few days both in English and in German, and he likes to roll his cigarettes in anticipation of the next autobahn stop. He always carries mint Fisherman’s friends, a lighter and some picks in his pocket. His metaphor for himself is like that of a bird within cage, who absolutely must have the door open, but not necessarily so he can leave the comfort of the cage.

Sven Rowolt (keys / piano / photographer): Curious, patient and brilliant. He is very tech savvy and dialled in to the top of the line cameras and gear. We have rigged up internet in the car and he knows the manuals inside out. He actively searches out geocaches at our various stops. He is a sensitive player who carefully weaves his magic into the music. He is new to the Melanie Dekker tours and for various other wondrous reasons we have dubbed him Baby Sven.

John Mann (performer /singer songwriter extraodinaire): An emotive powerhouse entertainer who is courageous and clever, crazed and adorable. He has a smile like Madonna’s and his solo act is as on fire as the band he leads and is famed for back home in Vancouver (Spirit of the West). He calls himself directionally impaired so he stays clear of the map, though he will run or ride for long periods of times through the unknown forests and towns we visit. He loves fans that hug him and bring him German beer.

The best/most memorable conversations:
*Sven Rowolt shared (with an explicit warning!) that his shampoo leaked into his clothes and underwear while under pressure in his luggage. He figured that this offered a nice scent to some of his clothing and since it is not easy to get a waschsalon / laundromat on tour he simply wore the ‘freshly scented’ underwear with a smile. Only within a few days his penis was extremely dry and chaffing. Concentrated soap over long periods of time next to sensitive skin…not such a good idea.
*I-Melanie- wax myself, and even take off the little harmless blond furies above on above my upper lip, and I carelessly took my upper lip into the wax strip. AAH! No kissing for a few days…
*Mid-show Allan Rodger has Miss Dekker chocking in a laughing fit, so hard she got tears streaming down her cheeks and could not sing.
*As a smoker Stefan Rapp often hangs out with the fans mid concert he has asked the questions most don’t dare ask the others. He says sometimes it’s fun and sometimes he feels like he is the honey and the others the bees.
*John Mann taught Sven the word “Hung”. To which Baby Sven replied, “I have a hung”.
*Melanie listens to German lessons on her iPod in the car and when introduced on how to ask for the Public Washrooms…she simply can’t do it without laughing…Wo ist die ‘Effin’ lickin’ toilletten’ (öffentliche Toilette!)
*Back stage with a few VIP fans we discussed the value and the variety in which the word ‘Fuck’ can and is used…and when it perhaps need not to be used. John Mann did the sexiest vocalization of the word and Allan Rodger did the longest sentence with it as a verb, adjective, an adverb and a noun.

Tour Motto:

Give everything your everything. Shorter version: Giver!

Tour Casualties:

The day Baby Sven joined us on tour he had left his backpack on the ICE train. This contained every precious gadget and two computers. With the help from fast moving friends, within 2 hours the train was tracked down and the bag was where he left it and days later it got delivered to him in Freiburg, DE. Sven’s reading glasses broke in the tour van and his electric cigarettes get lost and found daily. The windshield of the van has begun to crack/split, this started to happen just as we crossed the border into Switzerland while parked. A fan almost ran me over after he ripped out of the parking lot in the dark. I have burnt the roof of my mouth on Flammkuchen too often. I have split my right hand’s index finger nail from playing the guitar with a pick I must hold improperly (Stef has since give me a ‘how to hold a pick’ lesson.) I have lost both of my mic clips-likely left in various venues and my clip-on tuner stopped working. I lost a calf strap to my new long black boots and the delete button on my macbook pro. There were a few typos on Miss Dekker’s postcards (sorry!). Allan left behind his slick purple coloured shirt in a hotel…we traced it down and it was sent to us by two gay men who may have tried it on. Allan’s black toque has not been found. He has cut his finger whilst putting some cheese on his bread with a butter knife and used tape to hold it together for a few days. He has without intention destroyed two 1/4 inch bass cables and broke a special high end Austrian made G string (for the Bass not the ass). There was a misprint on John Mann’s website having his one German concert date in the wrong venue and country. We could not pick up Mr. Mann from Stuttgart airport as planned because we were in a 20 km long – 4hour wait traffic jam caused by to Lorry’s colliding. (A Thank you to Thomas Fuchs, a fan who saved the day and picked him up!) John Mann got a broken nose while dancing in Fribourg CH after our concert, and this was the same day his guitar while resting in its case has sadly split in half (now using Miss Dekker’s).

What’s missing on tour:  Sleep and the odd set list.