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Lekker Dekker Live CD (limited edition 2010)

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Lekker Dekker Live CD: 15 live recordings from Here & Now Tour 2010 (Austria, Denmark & Germany) with musicians Mike Bell (Keys) CANADA & Elyse Jacobson (Violin) USA.

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The songs from this CD are available for you on iTunes, Spotify, & Melanie’s albums here in her website store.

Released right after that tour: Sept 1, 2010

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I hope that you’ll tell me
When I need to hear it
Set me straight when something
Doesn’t seem to fit, Cause right now its my turn
Your mind’s been stealing from your soul
Your body wants to cry
If you don’t the lights go out
From your pretty eyes

Hold on to me, tightly baby

I’ll rock you with a lullaby
Those tears will dry
I’ll sail with you across the sky
So your fears disappear into the night

Be the hero in your dreams
Laugh at monsters in your mind
They’re just meson’ to keep you guessing
don’t give them your time, There’s no need for concern
Let’s crawl into fairytales
Where everything is possible
use magic wands secret doors
to break you through the brick walls

Hold on to me, tightly baby


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