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Flirtin’ with me (the Decade Switch Mix) by Melanie Dekker

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• Where you can find it – if you do not wish to have a direct MP3 from me then you can find it digitally here!

• This song “Flirtin’ with Me” (Dekker/Pickell) was 1st released in 2003 on “Just Because”. It’s a sassy and empowered post-breakup perspective, that is somewhat inspired by JLo & Ben Affleck which is an almost local celebrity hot-topic then & now!

• This decade switch mix was produced by Bobby Morales in Toronto, CAN. , while my vocals were recorded at Crosstown in Vancouver. Of special note, Jay Riehl scripted the Background vocal parts, and Emily Helsdon’s fiery violin capped it off deliciously!

• Released 2021 Elephant Ears Entertainment

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