Tour Announcement 2023 for Fans & the Press (DE & AT)

Dekker touring with a variety of sensational side-kicks

Canada’s Voice like Chocolate is on route, with her endorphin fuelled self-penned repertoire and a Medal of Honour to boot.

Canadian, Miss Melanie Dekker’s “Big Heart Tour” starts here soon. She’s opened for Bryan Adams, Diana Krall, and Faith Hill, though perhaps her most momentous performance achievement is receiving a medal of honour for writing the song FALL IN/ WOUNDED SOLDIER and bravely touring that to soldiers in Afghanistan. 

This sentimentalist with her energetic persona is no stranger to Germany, nor being in a war-torn country voluntarily; meanwhile she has performed more than 1000 concerts in Western Europe.

The Concert dates / Konzert-Termine:

23. Februar 2023 – Frankfurt, DE – Fabrik (Alte Seilerei)

24. Februar 2023 – Weiterstadt, DE- Kulturbahnhof Weiterstadt e.V. 

25. Februar 2023 – Bremen, DE – Pfarrscheune Neuenkirchen

26. Februar 2023 – Bremen, DE – Crime Theatre

2. März 2023 – Berlin, DE – ART Stalker

3. März 2023 – Oelsnitz/Vogtl., DE – Katharinenkirche

4. März 2023 – Pirna, DE – Kleinkunstbühne

5. März 2023 – Kirchberg, DE – Kulturinsel

7. März 2023 – Alter Bank, DE -Karlsruhe

8. März 2023 – Pfaffenhofen/Ulm, DE – Fiddler’s Green 

9. März 2023 – Uhingen, DE – Uditorium

10. März 2023 – Öblarn, AT – Ku:l

11. März 2023 – Hollabrunn, AT – Obmann Kulturmü’µ

14. März 2023 – Wien, AT – Reigen

15. März 2023 – Sankt Florian, AT – Gärtnerei Sandner

16. März 2023 – Gilching, DE (near München) – KultCafé

17. März 2023 – Stuttgart, DE- Laboratorium

18. März 2023 – SECRET SPOT CONCERT (announced Mar 1st)

19. März 2023 – SECRET SPOT CONCERT (announced Mar 1st)

Germany and Austria will be welcoming the vivacious singer-guitarist February 2023-March 2023. She performs in what she calls ‘feel-good’ venues;  the rooms that make live music feel ‘alive’. Where energy and emotion bring a connectivity. 

Dekker is asked, why Germany? “Germany has always been a great place to start because the venues are welcoming and the history of music is deep. Also, the registered voluntary associations (e.V / Verein) are magnificent because this desire to work together voluntarily in a venue, keeps live entertainment alive, and it’s never shy of caring or pro. In Canada an e.V is an electric car, ha! Meanwhile, I wrote this song called “Einfach Leben”. I’m challenged to sing it in Deutsch, as there’s no direct translation. And I just love that.”

How did you get to the big stage opening for a big Canadian star in Germany? “It was SWR3 who insisted I be the the opening act for Bryan Adams. They wanted energy and emotion, and I’m so grateful they knew my manager who owns Einstein restaurant in Ulm. I’m sure glad they found me because I was off the grid in Mexico at the time!”

Who is on tour with you?  My favourite musicians always:) Stefan Buchholz (aka Buchi) is a world-class drummer with an extra-ordinary talent of giving the Cajon a personality of sorts, so there’s never a dull moment, and he sings higher than me; when there’s a drum-riser, you’ll be sure to see him on that. Allan Rodger is a Canadian self-taught multi-instrumentalist who will play his Telecaster guitar on this tour, like no one else can; he normally spends his days in the studio producing recordings of all kinds (including the  song Secret Spot, and the entire Distant Star album).

Enthusiasm, adventure and the love of music clearly drive Dekker to put on thousands of kilometres a year; driven to help others and have a “show must go on” attitude.

Through her voice she helps charities raise money, through her fingers she walks the life of a working musician, and with a wink and smile her show warms your heart like spring thaws winter. 

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  1. Hey again Ulli, The modified press text here on your website is good. Short and clear. And you use that phrase der Frühling verjagt den Winter. That`s a big sympathic thing :–)))

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