What’s Behind the Outfit – A reply to “OMG – what are you wearing?”


“OMG – What are you wearing?” Most important is the music and your message. And an outfit can help that stick. Helps fans remember who you are. An extra dimension of identity recognition.

Jeans & a t-shirt or a fun and memorable short dress are how you’ll see me on stage most often. At the open-air in Neu-Ulm I wanted to wear something familiar, something I feel good in, and something a little more unusual. Kind of like how the concert was likely to be.

Here’s what’s behind the outfit…


Designed (somewhat) by me:). Which I hoped would mirror my music in a spirited style, be visible from afar, work with my dress, not be precarious, and make me feel energized.

Inspired by the white doves on my new t-shirt and my musical message in general (peace, freedom, harmony and a release of honest emotions), I decided to wrap white boa feathers around my ankles (initially I planned to wear it around & in my hair), which by the way I’d done it, all looked to be part of one shoe.

They sat beautifully just above the Italian made (Sandro Rosi) high heel brown suede studded clogs; which will always be appealing to me because of my Dutch roots. Almost an obvious choice, as they fired me up for the show (& every time I wear them actually!). For me emphasize power, femininity and a little vulnerability. At the same time their sturdiness keep me solid and in charge while playing guitar, and naturally I love to do the occasional “stomp”!


Additionally: A touch of colour was added with the orange flower in my hair, which Irene (my Mama) dutch mother gave to me moments before the show. I have a few guitar straps and chose the white ‘fluffy’ one so it wouldn’t mess with the look too much:)


Dress made by: “For love and Lemons“. More to the dress than you can see, because of the skin coloured mesh. Purchased close to Dekker’s home at New World Design in Gastown, Vancouver BC, Canada

*pictured here after the show with tour bus manager…shoes off! 

You can find more music from Melanie here

2 thoughts on “What’s Behind the Outfit – A reply to “OMG – what are you wearing?”

  1. Your songs are so great and your voice as well. I’m so sorry because you played several times so close to where I live and I was not there – Ibind is maybe 15 km away, or Seßlach 35 km … I promise you: next time I will be there!!!! 😊🙌🎶 to see you live rocking the stage 😉

    Thanks a lots for signing my CD after the gig in Neu-Ulm.
    I was a bit disappointed, because I hoped you and Bryan will sing a song together 😏

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