Essentials on Tour

Things I don’t bring along but could be considered essential: guitar technician, a bicycle, an umbrella, my own WLan (WiFi), a videographer, a sound technician, laundry soap, my banjo (due to luggage constraints she stayed in Vancouver this time).

Things that create a smoother show: extra batteries near by, water on stage where we won’t knock it over, towels back stage, a lovely local & freshly made dinner, an easy sound check (under 30 minutes), a good clear voice, an incredible sleep the night before (even a nap too if possible!), a warm greeting from the venue, good monitor sound, someone to work the merch table (thank you!), a good selection of CDS and download cards to offer, seeing posters everywhere around town, a band in a good mood, being on time, helping hands, and the sign ‘sold out’ :)!

Things that are always in my suitcase: tweezers, a sharp razor blades (for shaving!), moisturizer, street clothes & stage outfits.

Things I carry two of and are in two locations: dental floss, the set list of songs, guitar cables, fingernail clippers, nail file, guitar picks.

Things you can live without, but don’t want to: beer or wine near-by, hacky-sack, a computer, good PR!

Things that increase the fun factor: tennis shoes and/or running shoes, geocache locations (for the keyboardist), facebook, shorter drives, scenic drives, changing the set list, new songs.

Things that keep costs down: Going to McDonalds for good complimentary drinking water, toilets and Wifi. Use a Find Best Price gas APP and use it. Avoiding the autobahn traffic jams- by listening to the GPS and traffic warnings.

Essential: GPS, smiling, a lot of fresh air, mobile phone, a good tour car/bus, good warm and creative lights on stage, a passport, a good attitude, a good laugh (often), great drinking water, ‘safety first’, passing a Breathalyzer test if driving (yes those are in every country as experienced again last week in Coburg, DE), staying out of smoky environments, vignettes for the HWY, a loving message from back home, a good bed, ear plugs, power adaptors, living your dream, and enthusiastic fans.

Things I lose and often find again: My pics. I slide them in my bra before the show when I don’t have pockets. A few will stick there to my skin until morning – if I forget about them (photo almost possible)

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